when you think you know people.. you are always wrong. they always ended up letting you down, but from there you learn. you learn not to trust in someone so fast, you learn not to fall in love so quickly, you learn that not everybody is what it seems, you learn from other people, and thats good, you create your own experiences, you create your personality. that is the reason why you should have heartbreaks, or let downs, that is why you should cry over someone, just to see how it feels, just to tell your future kids that is hard, but that they will learn from that.

experienes are all we have, and memories, but memories hurt everybody just for what they are, memories. they will never come back again, you will never relieve the same things again, you can go to the same place with the same people but you won’t feel the same. not like the first time, you won’t feel the same thing like the first time, ever again. and that is what makes people sad sometimes, but you have to think that everything will be better, and have hope, have hope now and always. even when everything falls apart, you stay there. even if it hurts, stay there and try to do everything to solve it all. Learn from other people, and be happy with yourself

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